Flooring Magic

Removable flooring is a great way to give your home a mini makeover.

Wanting to transform your space doesn't need to be stressful or permanent. Our flooring is perfect for upgrading a rental space or giving your home a fresh new look without the need to completely renovate your space.

Our flooring is perfect over existing floor tiles, ceramic, glass, metal, painted walls, drywall, sealed wood, linoleum flooring, or even as your backsplash.

Marble Flooring adds a classic, bold and stylish statement.

Mixing patterns is a fun way to show off your home's personality.

The abstract print of the wallpaper and classic flooring pattern really come together in this gorgeous space.

Buffalo Plaid Flooring is a classic print in a few unexpected color ways.

A backsplash can transform any kitchen.

The print draws your eye in without overpowering the space.

Carrera Marble Flooring adds a dash of elegance and a tailored look to any room.

Traditional Basket Tile

Simple Stripe Flooring

Make a big impact in a small space.

A bathroom is the perfect spot to use our flooring.

Give your mudroom an upgrade!

I love that I can transform spaces and take bigger chances with pattern and color, knowing I can always peel it away when my style and home evolves.


The print and color options are bold and unique!

We do our best to have prints and colors that speak to everyone. From bold and colorful to classic and neutral.

Our patterns and colors are inspired by tiles from around the world.

Bringing the true meaning of #peelsticklove into your home.

Deep & dark colors make a powerful statement.

The navy and green hues make a space feel luxurious while still making the space feel warm and inviting.

The love of our Dark Terrazzo Flooring is going strong!

The Dark Terrazzo Flooring is classic with a touch of flair.

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