Contractor-less projects!

These 5 contractor-less projects are totally do-it-yourself and trust us, they will completely transform your space. Don't wait for a contractor and don't spend any money hiring out the work when you can get it done yourself. Crank up your favorite tunes and get to work!

1: Kitchen Backsplash

Using our peel and stick flooring, Jenni from @ispydiy added the perfect "finishing touch" to her kitchen by creating this gorgeous backsplash. Our peel and stick flooring gives the look of real tile at a fraction of the cost!

We love how our Stepping Stone flooring adds beautiful dimension here.

A few panels go a long way for projects like these. You don't need to break the bank to make a huge difference.

2: Bathroom Floor

Try out our removable flooring in your bathroom. It's the perfect solution to cover old, tired floors. Such a simple solution to bring new life into one of the most used rooms in your house. We love how @jojotastic executed her bathroom refresh - it's one of our all-time favorite before and afters!


After! ✨

A total transformation! We love her use of bold dark colors coupled with the light neutral floor - it strikes such a nice balance. It really is a gorgeous space!

3: Mudroom Floor

Ahhh the mudroom, the catch-all space in every home. While it serves multiple purposes, arguably its most important role is welcoming friends + family into your home. It tends to be a little less formal than a front entry way but it's still important for it to remain functional and pretty! We challenge you to take an afternoon and give your mudroom a glow up - check out these projects for some motivation + inspiration!

How cute is this space? @francois_et_moi , you crushed it!

What a sweet little space to walk into every day!

Functional, colorful + fun - we love this space!

4: Vanity Wall

You use your bathroom daily, it's where you start your mornings, where you get ready for special events, and where you wash your face and clear your mind at night. Using just a few wallpaper panels, you can completely refresh your bathroom into a space that truly brings you joy.

Imagine starting and ending your day in this gorgeous space!

5: Cabinet Refresh

Looking for a quick + easy way to upgrade your tired old cabinets? Look at how @LinneaBullion used a little wallpaper to make a BIG impact in her kitchen!

How fun is this?

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