2022 Nursery Trends

Elevated Animal Prints

This trend creates warm nostalgia that both parents and kids love, while keeping the space playful.

Woodland adds soothing and joyful elements to your child's special space.

Cozy up surrounded by this whimsical Woodland print.

Illustrative Line Drawings

Although this print style seems simplistic, it adds a creative, artful element to a room. Often, illustrative line drawings add to a space subtly without overwhelming it, which allows you to build upon the drawing with related prints, patterns and colors.

Puppy Pile


Traditional with a Modern Twist

We still love seeing a great mix of old and new. Using modern wallpaper with a nostalgic feel is a great place to start if you're loving this trend for the nursery.


Tree Toile

Elements of Surprise

We love to see unexpected prints in unexpected places. A print that you typically find in a kitchen or living room, when placed in a nursery, it becomes a way to show off your personality that’s both playful for kids and sophisticated for an adult.


Warri Palms

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