Back To School

This time of year is always a little bittersweet...summer is coming to a close but new and exciting chapters are about to begin!

Transitioning from endless summer days to structured school + work schedules can feel overwhelming and stressful. We've been there! But, by using our own experiences (and mistakes) as our guide, we've created a collection of tools to help keep you organized, on schedule, and stress-free.

Developing little habits like meal planning, gratitude practice, and delegating tasks are tiny things that can have a big impact on your life. What do you have to lose? Give it a try!

Oh So Grateful

First things first, let's get in the right headspace. Notice the good things, seek them out, appreciate them, and write them down. Introducing a gratitude practice to your routine is a wonderful way to being each day. Big or small, material or emotional, just write it down... we think you'll be surprised at the difference it will make on your mood and overall outlook on life.

Any whiteboard marker can be used on these products so week after week just wipe it clean and start fresh!

School Schedule

If you're like us, we have to write things down in order to keep track of it all! This schedule is really multi-purpose. It can be used for after school activities, as a lesson planner if you're homeschooling, in a classroom for teachers to display the weekly activities, or for you to map out your days: drop offs/pick ups, after school activities, Dr. appointments, etc.

Use a color-coding system to manage multiple schedules.

A great tool for new parents who are trying to figure out a "routine". Sometimes just writing it down helps - even if you can't always stick to it.

Weekly Menu

Meal planning is one of the best ways to eliminate stress during the week. Plan ahead and jot it down to hold you and the family accountable to sticking to it! Eliminating decisions like "what's for dinner" from your daily to-do list will add up to a lot more time spent elsewhere.

Hot tip: this also helps with picky eaters :) Write down the meals ahead of time and place the menu in an area of the kitchen where everyone can see it. It allows even the pickiest of eaters to wrap their head around what's being served prior to sitting down at the table.

The dinner hour is a sacred, happy time where everyone should be together and relaxed.

- Julia Child

Chore Chart

Stay on track with house chores by writing them down and delegating to members of your family. Encourage your little ones to participate and celebrate the wins when you can put a checkmark in your chore box!

A great solution for delegating tasks to members of your household.

Chalkboard Panels

If you're more of a free-form list maker, our Chalkboard Panels are perfect for you. Create your own organizational oasis using the chalkboard panels in the way that best suits your need + your space!

We love how @sunnycirclestudio created a "Command Center" in her home using our chalkboard panels as the backdrop.

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