A Home in Bloom

Lush blooms make cool rooms!

Our floral prints bring life to your walls. They show off your personality through the color and movement, leaving an unforgettable impression

Floral patterns shine in any part of your home from the bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways! Brighten up your special spaces.

A classic floral from the Ariel Okin collection. This dreamy print creates movement and offers a style that will thrive in any home.

Botanicals aren't only a sign of Spring, they're also a sign of great style!

This isn't your grandmother's floral wallpaper. Think cool, bold and new.

Bring in texture along with the botanical feel with print like Denim Floral.

Botany continues to be a best seller and comes in 3 refreshing colorways.

Spring Leaves is a print with beautiful flow and dreamy movement.

Florals are a great choice in transitional rooms that will be going from a nursery to a toddler room or a play room to a guest room. They provide an easy flow as your home evolves.

A garden variety leaves lots of room for growth in your home.

Petite Garden is a print that brings light to any room.

Petite Garden is a delicate print with two color options.

A floral accent wall in a home office or guest room not only pulls the room together but it adds a level of interest and flare.

Go bold or subtle, there is an option for everyone to #peelsticklove.

Where you find strong and vibrant, you will also find subtle and soft close behind.

Gather in plum can add a dramatic feel to a room in all the best ways.

The mushroom color of Gather continues to be a best seller and offers a sweet elegance to any room.

Poppy in chartreuse adds a bold element of interest.

Poppy in blush makes a soft statement in any room.

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